Grandview Hospital: a hub for orthopedic surgical expertise

You’ve probably driven by UCHealth’s Grandview Hospital, just off of Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs, hundreds of times. Have you ever wondered what happens there?

Located across from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus and next to University Village, Grandview Hospital is a 22-bed hospital that is a hub for orthopedic surgical excellence. This year, Grandview Hospital became the only hospital in southern Colorado certified by the Joint Commission, with its Center of Excellence designation for hip and knee joint replacement surgery based on a rigorous review of quality and patient safety standards.

Grandview Hospital also specializes in robotically-assisted total hip and knee replacement procedures; a type of imaging-guided, precision-based surgery.

A photo of UCHealth Grandview Hospital
UCHealth Grandview Hospital is an orthopedic-focused hospital that also offers general surgery and an Emergency Room. Photos by Mark Reis.

The hospital also has a 24/7 emergency room, an intensive care unit and surgical suites equipped with advanced technology to help people get back to what they love doing or reduce pain from injuries.

Easy access, beautiful accommodations

Grandview offers a modern-day health care experience. Rooms have flat-panel televisions, fold-out couches for visitors, gourmet dining options, and are bathed in natural light to create an optimal healing environment. Patients in rooms on the west side of the hospital have spectacular views of Pikes Peak; patients on the east side can view the rocky outcropping known as Pulpit Rock.

“Aside from our unrelenting focus on advanced orthopedic and sports medicine procedures, a major advantage at Grandview is accessibility from all points of Colorado Springs. Parking is convenient, and whether you are coming to the Grandview campus for an emergency department visit, surgery or a visit to our various primary care, specialty or rehab practices, finding your way around is quick and easy,” said Andy Ritchie, chief administrative officer at the UCHealth Grandview campus.

More on dining – Grandview offers meals that are made-to-order. The chef enjoys creating fresh, farm-to-table meals that inspire the palate and elevate the experience for patients who are cared for during their stay.

“Most of the patients we care for, come to us as healthy people. They’re having a knee or hip replacement to improve their lives, and get back to the activities that they love to do. Our chef is a believer in fresh, seasonal foods. If someone is really craving a steak or a fresh salmon salad, we’ll make that happen,’’ Ritchie said.

Grandview’s team of physicians and orthopedic surgeons are some of the biggest names in southern Colorado medicine. There’s Dr. Matt Kluk, for instance.

As a young cadet at the Virginia Military Institute, defensive end Kluk once had 20 tackles in a single game, an accomplishment that inked his name into the record books of the prestigious military school.

What fans may not have realized then is that the young Kluk was chummy with the sideline doctor. Every time a player was injured, Kluk took a particular interest. Off the field, Kluk accompanied the doctor into the surgical suite and watched the surgeon fix orthopedic injuries. The experience fueled Kluk’s interest in becoming a surgeon.

A photo of three orthopedic surgeons in a surgery suite at UCHealth Grandview Hospital.
UCHealth Grandview Hospital orthopedic surgeons, (L-R) Dr. Matt Kluk, Dr. Jordan Schaeffer and Dr. Jim Duffey.

Today, after years of schooling and a residency at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C., where he helped care for soldiers who suffered severe orthopedic and blast injuries in combat, Kluk is doing orthopedic surgery, specifically total and partial knee replacements and hip replacements, at Grandview.

“I feel like orthopedics provided the opportunity to make the best impact on a person’s life in terms of returning them to function,’’ Kluk said. “It’s what orthopedics is all about, getting people back to doing hiking, biking, all of those types of things that return to function — that’s gratifying and what inspired my passion for orthopedics.’’

These days, his teammates are other orthopedic surgeons who work at Grandview, which has outpatient imaging and laboratory service. The new Grandview Medical Center is open nearby, complementing services at the hospital.

“With an orthopedic focus at Grandview, processes are streamlined, completely centered around what someone looking for advanced orthopedic care might hope to find, close to home,’’ Kluk said. “Nurses have expertise in caring for orthopedic patients, the physical therapists are experts in sports medicine and orthopedics, getting people up and moving quickly after surgery.”

Focused on orthopedics

As an orthopedic-focused hospital, Grandview offers total joint replacement surgeries for knees and hips; foot and ankle; comprehensive hand, forearm and elbows; and shoulder surgeries. Orthopedic trauma injuries are cared for at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, southern Colorado’s only Level I Trauma Center, and orthopedic spine procedures are also cared for nearby at both UCHealth Memorial Central and UCHealth Memorial Hospital North.

As a center for robotically-assisted joint replacement procedures, “The robot is beneficial to patients because it allows a surgeon the ability to position components exactly with precision, providing a unique customized surgical experience,’’ Kluk said.

“For patients, that means less pain, less soft tissue irritation with the goal of better long-term outcomes,’’ Kluk said.

Most of the patients who choose joint replacement are Baby Boomers or those who have participated in sporting activities.

“It’s a combination. There’s a lot of Baby Boomers but certainly there are a lot of people in Colorado who are hard on their hips and knees from hiking, biking, skiing, etc. We’re certainly seeing some younger patients who have arthritis,’’ Kluk said.

Motion is lotion

Patients who have joint replacements usually arrive at Grandview in the morning, spend one hour in surgery, wake up and go to their room in the hospital. They have physical therapy the same day or the next day, spend two to three days in the hospital and go home. Getting patients up and out of their beds the same day of surgery is a best practice.

“Early rehabilitation after surgery is better for your heart and lungs, so it improves your pulmonary and respiratory status. It also helps with overall well-being and post-procedural recovery. ‘Motion is lotion’ as they say,’’ Kluk said.

A photo of Dr. Matt Kluk
Dr. Matt Kluk performs hip and knee replacement surgery using the Mako robot at UCHealth Grandview Hospital.

After patients leave the hospital, a nurse navigator calls to make sure the individual has follow-up appointments scheduled with their primary care physician and their orthopedic surgeon.

“We are there to answer any questions patients may have,’’ said Ritchie. “Our goal is to make every person who comes to UCHealth Grandview for care appreciate a personalized experience, surrounded by world-class medical experts in a uniquely warm environment.”

Emergency Room

UCHealth Grandview has a full suite of imaging options including on-site CT, x-ray and ultrasound capabilities. The Emergency Department is open 24/7 with a physician board-certified in emergency medicine.

“Grandview’s Emergency Department is one of the city’s best kept secrets,’’ Ritchie said. “The emergency room physicians who work at Grandview are the same ER doctors who cover Memorial Central and Memorial North, so they have vast experience and knowledge, with minimal wait times.”

Grandview Medical Center

The Grandview Medical Center – a 65,000-square-foot medical office building — houses a new orthopedic clinic, a primary care practice with a focus on sports medicine, advanced orthopedic imaging services and an expansive physical therapy clinic and gym.

The Grandview campus is southern Colorado’s first full-service health campus with a focus on sports medicine and orthopedic care. And UCHealth also partners with the CU Department of Orthopedics to access leading surgeons in the area of orthopedic spine care.

“We are excited about this partnership between our team of specialists at the UCHealth Medical Group Orthopedics Practice and CU Orthopedics,’’ said Joel Yuhas, president and CEO of UCHealth Memorial. “Through our joint affiliation and expanding physician investments in orthopedics, UCHealth will be uniquely positioned to offer our community more sophisticated care, closer to home.”

For Dr. Kluk, the former Virginia Military Institute cadet who found his love for orthopedic surgery in an odd place – the sidelines of a football field – the Grandview campus is a wonderful place to practice medicine and a place to improve lives of patients.

“My goal for people who undergo joint replacement surgery, is to get them back to doing what they love,’’ he said. “It’s really gratifying when my patients tell me that they have returned to normal function. It’s great to see people years from now, no longer thinking about the pain and discomfort they used to have before surgery. They’ve moved on – living their best lives.’’

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