Kathy lost 50 pounds with Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine’s medical weight loss program

Gaining weight was a challenge for Kathy, and all her attempts to get back in shape were hitting dead ends.

“My weight started to get out of control, and I tried everything I could think of – Keto, dieting – and nothing was working.”

Kathy was at Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine for chiropractic care when Dr. David Allen suggested their HCG medical weight loss program.

“After learning about the DNA swab which tells you about the types of food and exercise I needed specifically, I was sold,” she said.

Kathy signed up and said she lost over 50 pounds!

Kathy before and after losing 50 pounds with Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine’s medical weight loss program. (Contributed)

The professionals at Riverside Spine and Physical Medicine use a holistic approach to customize their programs to fit each individual. Their rapid weight loss program features pharmaceutical-grade HCG injections, as well as genetic testing, personal training, nutritional supplements and support programs.

The team provides nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice. This helps patients adopt new, healthy habits that support an active lifestyle and long-term weight loss success.

“The program changed my life,” Kathy said. “I have more energy and a whole new lifestyle.”

Start your weight loss journey today and contact Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine.

Riverside Spine & Physical Medicine is at 121 W. Dunbar Cave Road. Call them at 931-542-9420 for more information or visit their website. 

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