Man loses 185 pounds with diet, Peloton Power Zone Training

Bryan Hurley tried for eight years to successfully lose weight, but his efforts usually ended in regaining the small amounts he lost and feeling defeated.

But when Hurley’s son, Kevin, turned 1 and began walking, the dad knew he had to find a way to stay motivated to reach his health goals.

“It was him for sure,” Hurley said of his son’s role in what has become a nearly 200-pound weight loss, “specifically once he started standing up and moving around. That was it for me.”

Bryan Hurley with his 2-year-old son, Kevin.Bryan Hurley

Hurley, who lives in Buffalo, New York, said he was “drinking pretty often,” sometimes consuming 18 beers in an evening, when he decided to quit drinking completely while he worked on his goals. The 34-year-old also revamped his diet and bought a Peloton bike so he could work out while working from home.

“I just cut out all alcohol altogether,” Hurley told TODAY Health. “I didn’t eat out. I ate a lot of grilled chicken and salads — things like that. I stuck to lean meats and proteins and vegetables because I knew that was better than the wings I would have been eating.”

On his Peloton, Hurley fell in love with Power Zone Training, a program that focuses on improving functional threshold power — the highest possible power output an individual can sustain for about 60 minutes on a bike — over time.

Hurley recently pulled his son during a cycling event.Bryan Hurley

Recently, Hurley completed his 1,000th ride on his Peloton.

“I just biked every single day multiple times and sweated it all out,” Hurley explained. “A lot of people don’t know about Power Zone Training, but it’s the reason I think Peloton workouts were so effective for me — the personal training. It’s your own numbers and then you’re not working off of what the instructor is giving you, you’re working off specific numbers based on your test.”

As Hurley got stronger, he found himself going from 365 pounds to 180.

“I kind of overshot,” he said. “I was originally trying to get down to 250. Now I’m so addicted to cycling, it’s tough to gain anything back, but I’m doing a lifting routine to try to get some of the mass back.”

Hurley says he now has more than enough energy to keep up with his 2-year-old son.

Hurley has completed over 1,000 rides on his Peloton bike.Bryan Hurley

“As soon as he started walking, I knew he was going to be a rocket, and he runs everywhere,” he said. “Now, I sweat a whole lot less. The overall benefits are just feeling so much better and lighter. I can get around a lot easier and my clothes fit better.”

Hurley’s biggest advice for making it through a weight-loss plan? Stick with it.

“Just be consistent,” he said. “That is ultimately what’s going to get it done for you. Just show up every day. It’s the consistency that adds up in the end.”

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