Penrose Physical Therapy Weight-Loss and Wellness Program: ‘The Best Part of This Is I Feel So Good’

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As we  coached over 20 people through the eight-week weight loss program this past February here at Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy, I kept hearing how good everyone felt. The eating plan was really an anti-inflammatory way of eating. We didn’t have any dairy or gluten for eight weeks. It was incredible what people learned about themselves once that was taken away and they eat more lean protein and lots of fiber. Skin was clearer, blood pressure improved, blood glucose improved, blood pressure dropped, people had improved sleep and energy, and joints felt so much better! It is science. Dairy and gluten are pro-inflammatory. That is very clear in the science, so no wonder we felt better.

penrose physical therapy fat loss
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Weight loss is a hard thing for most people. It requires change and new routines and it often means finding new favorite recipes and foods. It can feel overwhelming if you let it. However, anything new or different often is that way. It takes investing some time, money, and emotional energy into learning about food, recipes, metabolism, digestion and listening to your body. Our group provided a private Facebook group to share recipes and ask questions for substitutions to past favorite recipes. I learned how to cook things that are now weekly favorites! Trust me, as a business owner/employer, health care provider, mom of three very busy active boys, spouse, etc., I didn’t think I had time to “learn” new things with regards to food, like grocery shopping differently or cooking differently. If I can do it, you can too! I just took it one day at a time and did the best I could knowing I was investing in my health and my future and my kids’ future. It wasn’t perfect all the time and that was ok.

As a physical therapist we often see people struggling with weight gain due to their joints hurting so they can’t move as well. I myself, as a health care provider, knew we were missing something in helping patients make better decisions with their overall health. I also knew my own cholesterol was climbing. Interestingly enough I found out with this program that when you eat too many starchy carbs your body will either deposit that as fat or create bad cholesterol. Well, my body turned those carbs into the bad cholesterol. Now that I’m living this lifestyle my blood lipids are in the correct range and I feel better!

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One woman with chronic osteoarthritis from a decades-old sports injury was able to resume hiking and rigorous gym workouts, activities that had been impossible just a few months earlier. My husband discovered that bread, pasta and potatoes make him puffy and lethargic, side effects of inflammation, so he’s more conscious about avoiding those foods now. The energy boost alone is enough for him to stay clear from starchy carbs.

I have reached out to some clients that are still following the lifestyle and all the principles from the program we did in February 2021. One 64-year-old woman has lost 27 pounds over the course of 5 months and has gone down 2 full clothing sizes. But her favorite piece is that she is so happy that she finally feels good!  Her gut health and joint health has improved with eating this way and overall she feels so much better.

Another 71-year-old woman from the group shared this: “In one month I lost the COVID weight, my cravings for sugar and grains, and lowered my blood pressure by 30 points. I was sold! In month two I gained confidence in my own choices and self-control. I learned how to read a label quickly and efficiently, how important protein and fiber are at every meal, and a wealth of information from the many sources available from coaches to a dedicated Facebook page. I am very grateful I took the leap to join the TLS team and would recommend it to anyone who has tried to lose weight but failed with other programs.”

I am not in the convincing business.  If the time is right for you to achieve weight loss and wellness goals, then reach out for more information as we will be starting the next coaching group in September 2021. Email [email protected] for more information regarding the program. We will send you a free report about key principles on weight loss and wellness that give you results.

penrose physical therapy weight loss plan
Photo courtesy: Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy

This eight week program is for you if:

  • You are frustrated with your weight and want to learn how to stay in fat burning mode without being hangry (yes it can be done!)
  • You want to feel more energy
  • You want to learn how to eat low glycemic and support stable blood glucose
  • You want to learn how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet so your joints feel better
  • You want to learn great recipes so you are not just eating chicken and salad (food needs to be fun and delicious!)
  • You want to be part of weekly group zoom coaching calls to answer any questions and give you the support to succeed
  • You want to have exercise routines to choose from depending on your level of fitness

Dr. Jennifer Penrose is the owner of Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy and has been a physical therapist for 20 years. We are located at 1445 Galaxy Dr. NE Suite 301 in Lacey. Call us at 360.456.1444. We focus on helping people achieve mobility and longevity. We have free tips reports on the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy website to help you get started right away.

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