Why You Should Use a Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

Why You Should Use a Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

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There are many reasons why you should opt for a medically supervised weight loss plan. Primary among these reasons is that having a doctor supervise your weight loss ensures that they will monitor your overall health and well-being so you achieve the safest and most effective results. For example, a doctor will monitor your blood pressure during your program. In this way, they can benchmark your progress and prevent a significant hypertensive crisis. Additionally, most doctors will perform a complete medical workup. In this way, the doctor can reassure you that you’re not taking any steps that could harm your health. This is particularly important because many diets promise quick results but subject you to dangerous deficiencies. With a doctor-supervised diet, however, this is never a risk.

The Doctors at NJ Diet

Doctors are a crucial part of the NJ Diet program. Every client receives bi-weekly personal monitoring by a medical professional. Additionally, participants can contact their doctor at any time using a personal phone number and email.

Doctors also design and oversee all diet plans. They use the information from a person’s DNA test to craft a diet that addresses a client’s gene variants. In this way, all participants get a plan that’s not only personalized but medically safe.

What Comprises an NJ Diet Plan?

The NJ Diet plan consists of a meal plan, supplements, and a recommended exercise routine. This program is based on your DNA assessment. First, doctors analyze over 50 specific genetic factors to glean insight into the gene variants that result in weight gain. Then, using this information, they design a meal plan, including recipes, for you to follow. Additionally, doctors will evaluate your body fat percentage, metabolic age, body water percentage, body mass index, visceral fat, and bone and muscle mass. Lastly, they will conduct a bioenergetic balancing scan to identify imbalances in your body. With this data, doctors will prescribe nutritional supplements. These supplements will help to detoxify your body of all toxins, metals, bacteria, and viruses. They will also help balance your hormones and increase your fat burn. 

What Results Can You Expect from the NJ Diet?

Clients of the NJ Diet can expect to lose between 20 and 40 pounds in forty days. This is mainly because the diet plan allows you to burn between 2000 and 7000 calories of fat per day.

According to the NJ Diet reviews on TechTimes, most participants give the program 4 out of 5 stars. This would seem to imply that the majority of people are satisfied with the plan’s results. Additionally, the NJ Diet has earned an A-grade for effectiveness from the blogger Fit Healthy Momma. 

There is also scientific data to back up the results that the NJ Diet promises. For instance, a 2008 study at Stanford University in 2008 found that women who followed a genetically matched diet lost 2.5 times more than those who followed other diets. Additionally, in 2018, researchers at Kings College in London and Harvard Medical School undertook a project to discover how individuals responded to food. The study focused on 700 identical twins and 400 non-twins. They discovered that people respond differently to dietary inputs. In other words, no single diet solution was able to work for everyone. Instead, diet plans have to be personalized. 

These studies prove that the NJ Diet DNA-based diet program is based on sound science and, therefore, likely to be effective.

The Steps Involved in NJ Diet’s Medically Supervised Program

When you sign up for the NJ Diet program, you’re assigned a specialist to work with you one-on-one. This specialist will walk you through the steps of the program. These steps are:

  1. Your NJ specialist takes samples of your blood, saliva, and hair. They will extract your DNA from these samples and conduct testing to determine your gene variants. Then a doctor will analyze your DNA test results to come up with a personalized diet plan. 

  2. The NJ specialist will perform a bioenergetic balancing scan. The scan will analyze over 2000 biomarkers, searching for imbalances. Should an imbalance be discovered, the doctor will prescribe supplements to rectify the imbalance. Generally, imbalances indicate that your hormones need balancing, and your body needs detoxifying from viruses, bacteria, toxins, and metals. The supplements you’re prescribed will help you feel less hungry and help to burn between 2000 and 7000 calories of toxic fats for fuel.

  3. You will be required to follow the diet plan and take your supplements for forty days. During this time, you will have regular visits with your doctor every 10 to 15 days. This way, your doctor can track your progress and make adjustments to your plan as needed. For instance, in some cases, people lose water weight rather than fat. If this is the case, your doctor will need to adjust your plan.

  4. Once the forty days are up and you have reached your goal weight, you will enter the weight maintenance part of the program. In this phase, you will get a personalized daily calorie goal to follow to maintain your weight. However, if you gain any weight during this time, you can use one of your ten correction dates for a consultation with a doctor who will get you back on track.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the NJ Diet


  • It is a natural and healthy way to lose weight.

  • It helps to regulate your metabolism.

  • It promotes fat burning.

  • You can find out all about the program from the comfort of your home with video consultations.


  • In-person appointments are only available in the tri-state area of New York.

  • It can be too expensive for some people.

  • The procedures can be a bit invasive.

What Does the NJ Diet Plan Cost?

The initial consultation costs $99, although there is currently a promotion offering the consultation for $27. The NJ Diet website does not list the exact price for their program. However, one NJ Diet review lists the total cost as between $900 and $2100. 

The Verdict

A medically supervised weight loss program is advantageous because a doctor ensures that your diet is personalized to you and won’t be detrimental to your health. It also means that they will know how to address your health issues, such as diabetes or sleep apnea. Furthermore, clients can reach a doctor over the phone or through email anytime they have a question or concern.

The NJ Diet is not only medically supervised. It’s also DNA-based. This means that you will get a diet, supplement, and exercise plan based on your genetic makeup. As a result, participants can expect to lose between 20 and 40 pounds in a 40-day period. According to client testimonials, this weight loss solution is effective, with most people losing an average of 30 pounds. 

NJ also offers a weight-maintenance plan. Once the forty days are finished, clients have 10 “correction days.” Clients can use these days to help them get back on track if they start gaining weight.

The cost for the initial consultation is regularly $99 but is on special for $27. Unfortunately, the total cost for the NJ Diet solution is not publicized on their website, although reviews tend to put the price point at between $900 and $2100. 

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